Battery CLA Softgels are a convenient form of the modified Omega-6 fatty acid, Linoleic Acid. Battery CLA Softgels contain an impressive 1000mg of CLA, with 80% of active isomers and particularly high portion of the important c9 t11 and t10 c12 isomers.

CLA is naturally occurring in foods such as eggs and butter and is also found in red meat. However, the levels of CLA in these sources are fairly low, therefore supplementation may be required to reach recommended dosages. The CLA found in the capsules is also naturally derived from safflower oil.

What goes well with Battery CLA?
To further enhance the effects of CLA, we recommend you to use our thermogenic fat burner – Battery Burner and our high protein diet shake – Battery Whey Protein. (Battery Burner is ideal before training or meals while Battery Whey Protein is recommended after workout or as a meal replacement).

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