HMB (3,000mg)

HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate) is the active metabolite of leucine that combats catabolism and reduces muscle protein breakdown. Not only does HMB help indirectly support muscle growth by limiting its breakdown, other research shows that this potent leucine derivative is actually a powerful muscle builder and performance enhancer!

HICA (1,000mg)

Also known as Leucic Acid, HICA (alpha hydroxyisocaproic acid) is another metabolite of Leucine that supports muscle growth and reduces muscle breakdown. In the body, when muscle cells sense leucine metabolites such as HICA or HMB, it signals to the muscle cell that it’s burning amino acids (which it doesn’t want to do) and initiates the anti-catabolic processes.

Epicatechin (300mg)

Naturally occurring in cocoa extract, epicatechin is an incredibly intriguing flavonol that offers a wealth of benefits for athletes looking to increase muscle mass and improve body composition. Various studies have shown that epicatchin can increase strength and muscle growth, enhance nitric oxide production, improve glucose tolerance, boost endurance, and reduce fatigue.

Astragin (50mg)

Developed by NuLive Science, AstraGin is the patented combination of panax ginseng and astragalus membranaceus shown to enhance bioavailability and uptake of key performance-enhancing compounds such as citrulline, creatine, and beta alanine as well as muscle-building amino acids. Including the full 50mg dose of Astragin ensures that all of the key anabolic ingredients in MOAB are fully utilized by your muscles for maximum effectiveness and superior results.

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