Zinc is one of the most important minerals used by the body however the body does not produce or store Zinc, so a regular supply in the diet is required. Zinc is recognised for its contribution to the normal function of the immune system as well as contributing to normal fertility and reproduction.

Zinc is a fundamental mineral that can be found in almost every cell of the human body and participates in more than 300 enzymatic reactions.

Zinc contributes to:
+ normal DNA synthesis,
+ normal metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino- and fatty acids and vitamin A,
+ normal cognitive function,
+ normal fertility and reproduction,
+ normal protein synthesis,
+ normal testosterone levels in the blood,
+ maintenance of normal bones, hair, nails, skin,
+ healthy immune system,
+ healthy eyesight,
+ protection of cells from oxidative stress,
+ and has a role in the process of cell division.*

*This statement has been scientifically proven by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and authorized by the European Commission (EC).

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